You can donwload Calm now easily to adjust and shape your personel „New Tab“ - page. We have many creative widgets for you, which will help you to optimize your browser.

Google Chrome

Use our innovative widgets

Calm offers you the possibility to pimp the „New Tab“-page with beautiful landscape images or your own pictures. Additional you can use innovative widgets to extend and perfect your own page. Be always on time or be well prepared for each weatherchanges and use our search field, too. It‘s your coise how to change your „New Tab“- page with the help of Calm.

Be always on time

You always forget the time during sitting infront of the computer? But it will never happen again if you use our great Time-Widget as from now. You can choose between a modern digital clock or a retro analog clock. So you will never miss the time anymore.

Search much faster than before

Just one last quick search on the internet? Than you need to add our Search-Widget at your „New Tab“-page. You have the choise between the most popular search engines on the Internet.


Don‘t want to become wet on the way to work anymore? Than you need our reliable weather-widged at your „New Tab“ - page. So you will be always well prepared for each kind of weather.


You want to find and open a special page everytime and anywhere you are? Than use our latest widget: bookmarks! With the help of these you can save each webpage as a bookmark an your „New Tab“-page.

Something is missing?

One importan widget is still missing? Than contact us easily via E-Mail.

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